BREAKFAST is a Brooklyn-based fine art studio led by Zolty and Mattias Gunneras focused on digitally-controlled kinetic sculpture. The studio, started in 2009, is focused on creating forward-looking software-and-hardware-driven artworks that connect viewers to far-away places through interactive experiences, and tell powerful stories about our rapidly-changing world. The studio's practice employs a unique blend of computer science, mechanical engineering, and playful, emotionally-striking aesthetics to invite audiences to reflect on the relationship between the physical, the digital, the global, and the intimate—as well as the evolving relationships between human bodies and technological innovation in the Information Age.

Featured Installations

Art Wynwood, Miami, FL
LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
Art Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, FL
Rockefeller Center, New York, NY

CONTEXT Art Miami, Miami, FL
Dubai Design Week (Exhibition)
Water Street Tampa (Exhibition)
Sustainable Locks
—Tiffany & Co. Flagship, New York, NY (Exhibition)
M.A.D. Gallery Paris (Exhibition)
Longyearbyen Warming—Google India (Permanent)
M.A.D. Gallery Taipei (Exhibition)
Art Market Hamptons, Hamptons, NY (Exhibition)
Portraits in Pink, Blue, and Silver #1
—Wonderspaces, Scottsdale, AZ (Exhibition)
MB&F Mad Gallery, Dubai (Exhibition)
Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY (Exhibition)
Solo Show at Agora Gallery, New York, NY (Exhibition)


Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, FL (Exhibition)
ArtRepublic x SuperRare, 1Hotel, Miami, FL (Exhibition)
MB&F Mad Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland (Exhibition)
Houston From Above
— HPE Headquarters, Houston, TX, USA (Permanent)
— 1Penn Plaza, New York, NY, USA (Permanent)
Awaken #2 — Expo 2020 Dubai (Exhibition)
Portraits in Wood and Silver — Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Permanent)
Portraits in Black and Gold — Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Permanent)
Cedar Point Reeds —  15th and California St, Denver, CO, USA (Permanent)
Don't Go Quiet — Morris Museum, Morris Township, NJ, USA (Exhibition)
Time Capsule—Amagasaki, Japan (Permanant)

Seismic Echo — Sunny Isles Beach, FL, USA (Permanent)
Amagasaki Time Capsule — Amagasaki, Japan (Permanent)
Harvard Time Capsule — Harvard University, Allston, MA, USA (Permanent)
Singapore Energy — Singapore, Singapore (Permanent)
Holland Tunnel — Meatpacking District, New York, NY, USA (Permanent)
Different but the Same: City in the Forest — 250 Williams St, Atlanta, GA (Permanent)

Svalbard Ice — 
Christie's, New York, NY, USA (Exhibition)
Climate Chance Series — TEFAF, New York, NY, USA 
— Hudson Yards, New York, NY, USA (Permanent)
Awaken — Empire Stores, Brooklyn, NY, USA  (Exhibition)
Multiply — Empire Stores, Brooklyn, NY, USA  (Exhibition)
Pool — Christie’s, New York, NY, USA  (Exhibition)
Echo  — Christie’s, New York, NY, USA  (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 40 — Tel Aviv, Israel (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 40 — Madrid, Spain (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 75 — Landmark, Boston, NY, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 24 — Momeni, Hamburg, Germany (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 40 — Houston Space Center, Houston, TX, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 15 — Villain, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 15 — WeWork, New York, NY, USA (Permanent)
Brixel Mirror — SSN, Atlanta, GA, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 15 — Linq, Las Vegas, NV, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 65 — Arborcrest, Blue Bell, PA, USA  (Permanent)

Flip-Discs 45 — WNDR Museum, Chicago, IL, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 28 — Banc of California Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 32 — Fidelity, Jacksonville, FL, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 24 — Netapp, Sunnyvale, CA, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 40 — World Trade Center, New York, NY, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 15 — Accenture, Atlanta, GA, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 10 — Loan Depot, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Permanent)

Flip-Discs 15 — Art Basel, Miami, FL, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 24 — Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 32 — Fidelity, Jacksonville, FL, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 40 — NYSE, New York, NY, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 15 — Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, MI, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 24 — Google, Moscow, Russia (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 10 — 715 Peachtree, Atlanta, GA, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 55 — Playground, Palo Alto, CA, USA (Permanent)