Zekreet Wind
Made of mirrored stainless-steel Flex-Rings (a medium in development by BREAKFAST), Zekreet Wind is Inspired from the rock formations on Zekreet beach in Qatar. The sculpture moves and reacts in response to the real-time wind moving across the beach.

Commissioned by Equinox for their new global headquarters at Hudson Yards in Manhattan, Pulse evolves through various dynamic visualizations, each of which is a different representation of actual members going into an Equinox location anywhere in the world. 

A Public Art Sculpture concept that visualizes the vital signs of a city via a constant pulse moving through the piece based on real-time city-data. The data is pulled from several sources, from the economy to the real-time-impacts of climate change. When a significant event occurs, there is a unique visualization that moves through the piece.

This sculpture's visualizations are driven by the movement of river water and the local winds. The piece comes alive upon one stepping upon a marked spot on the ground.

A 12-meter-tall Brixel sculpture intended as the main feature of a lobby.