Service and Maintenance

For all maintenance and support requests, please email

Included Warranty

All our pieces include a 2-year warranty for parts and labor related to issues in fabrication with an on-site response time of 7 days from confirmation of a Tier 2 issue. After 2-years, without a Service Plan or Extended Warranty in place, parts, labor, and travel are covered by the client, where labor will be billed at an hourly rate of $350 per hour. The same rates apply for the first two years when damage occurs not related to fabrication.

Maintenance Tiers

Tier 1

Basic tasks or parts that can be fixed/replaced by the customer with minimal remote training, such as, but not limited to, basic part replacement or power-cycling.

Tier 2

Complex tasks or parts that must be handled by BREAKFAST.

General Service Plan

The General Service Plan includes:

  • Expedited on-site response time of 2-3 days from when a Tier 2 issue has been confirmed.
  • Pro-active maintenance when required to ensure reliable performance from the sculpture. 
  • Parts and services required to maintain the moving components, such as lubricants and cleaning of the mechanisms.
  • Remote support for any Tier 1 problem-solving and assistance to repair.
  • Remote monitoring of the system for early problem-detection, as well as to assist in problem-determination, problem-solving.

Extended Warranty

This covers all mechanical and electrical components and avoids the need to pay additional costs for replacement components or fixes when end-of-life comes.

For Brixels and Reeds installations, aesthetic elements are excluded.