Behind each BREAKFAST work is a unique technological medium of their own design.

One of the most recognizable aspects of BREAKFAST's artwork is the kinetic mediums they create. For over a decade, BREAKFAST has honed their craft in developing every component of their work, from the electronics to the machined steel, to the software that makes it all come together.

Kinetic Art — Brixels


Brixels are a kinetic medium made up of motorized “bricks” that can precisely rotate endlessly in either direction. BREAKFAST leverages Brixels to create both large and small scale kinetic installations. 


Reeds is BREAKFAST's latest kinetic medium made of vertical elements that move silently in organic movements.

Close up of blue and gold Flip-Discs artwork called

Flip-Disc Artworks

BREAKFAST has become known around the world for the interactive large-scale and collector-size artworks created from their patented Flip-Discs medium.

Flip-Discs closeup

Flip-Disc Display

Flip-Discs (FlipDots) Display is a version of BREAKFAST's patented medium that can be used as a canvas to upload your own images, video, and have basic interactive experiences. 

Close up of Silhouette kinetic pin artwork created by BREAKFAST.


Pins is a medium currently in development by BREAKFAST that moves an array of stainless steel pins to varying positions.