Interactive Kinetic Art — Cedar Point Reeds
Kinetic Art — Cedar Point Reeds

Cedar Point Reeds

Motors, acrylic, software, camera, computer
30 ft x 7.5 ft x 6 ft
Executed in 2021

On view at the corner of 15th St. and California St. in downtown Denver, CO.

Cedar Point Reeds is a kinetic sculpture visualizing the wind and wind energy production occurring at the Cedar Point Wind Farm—a 252 megawatt wind farm 80 miles east of Denver. The mechanical Reeds that make up the artwork move based on the real-time wind speed and bearing occurring at the wind farm. The power generation is represented by the illumination of the Reeds.

As we are all part of creating our sustainable future, the sculpture responds as one approaches it. The reeds will gather and illuminate in front of you, representing how we fit into the bigger story of achieving a clean energy future.

How it Works
Cedar Point Reeds is made of 400 Reeds—a medium developed and created by BREAKFAST specifically for this sculpture at Block 162 in Denver—which use silent stepper motors to quietly and smoothly move the elements back and forth. The sculpture downloads the latest wind data from the internet every minute to update the sculpture so it reflects the current wind values.

Cedar Point Reeds is made of Reeds — a silent motorized medium developed by BREAKFAST.