Flip-Discs artwork - Don't Go Quiet
flip-discs flag art don’t give up 02_1270

Don't Go Quiet

Flip-Discs, software, camera, computer
34.7 x 34.7 x 3.3 in
Executed in 2020
One of a Kind

In the wake of George Floyd's murder and the civil unrest that spread across the US, BREAKFAST created Don't Go Quiet. Each sweep of movement across the piece is tied to an individual post using the #blacklivesmatter hashtag. The piece was unveiled with the following message from the Artists: 

"This moment cannot go down as just another moment.

We felt the need to create something this week. To not allow ourselves to sit silent, as this is not acceptable for any of us ever again. On that very thought, we created an artwork titled “Don’t Go Quiet.” The upside-down flag symbolizes a country in distress. Each ripple through each stripe visualizes a person currently making their voice heard via the #blacklivesmatter hashtag and any other trackable mentions of the term "Black Lives Matter." The piece is a real-time representation of how loud we’re collectively speaking. 

May this flag never slow.
May it never go quiet.
We must keep using our voices, not just now, but from now on."

Don't Go Quiet – Unrest in 2020
Video shot of physical artwork on June 10, 2020
1920 px x 1920 px
Minted in 2021

The video used to create this NFT was captured on June 10, 2020—a day when thousands of schools and universities, businesses, and institutions around the world shut down to give people time to reflect and act upon racism and injustice

Edition 1: Available