People standing in front of Flip-Discs art installation at WNDR Museum in Chicago

Particles 45

Flip-Discs, aluminum, electromagnets, software, camera, computer
12.6 x 7 x 0.3 ft. 
Executed in 2018

Permanent Installation: WNDR Museum, Chicago, IL

Flip-Discs 45 explores human movement and reaction through BREAKFAST’s bespoke Flip-Disc technology.

In 2012, BREAKFAST began experimenting with Flip-Discs, a mechanical display technology that was originally developed in the 1960s for airport signage. BREAKFAST developed a way to increase the speed the discs could flip and began creating large-scale installations using this modified technology. In 2017, BREAKFAST completely redeveloped and modernized the technology from the ground up, turning it into an unparalleled technological medium.