Portraits in Pink, Blue, & Silver

Flip-Discs, software, camera, computer
Executed in 2022

8 editions, III artist proofs

Portraits is an interactive kinetic artwork created by BREAKFAST using our Flip-Disc medium. This artwork records clips of those who interact with the piece and then plays them back at the collector's desired interval, cycling through all of the portraits.

8 Editions in  71.5 x 37.75 x 3.5 in
Edition 1: SOLD
Edition 2-8: Available

8 Editions in  37.75 x 37.75 x 3.5 in
Edition 1: SOLD
Edition 2: SOLD
Edition 3: SOLD
Edition 4: SOLD
Edition 5: SOLD
Edition 6: SOLD
Edition 7: SOLD
Edition 8: SOLD