Examples of different images that we shared to and displayed on the Thread Screen art installation created by BREAKFAST.
Close up of spools of thread that make up the Thread Screen art installation created by BREAKFAST.

Thread Screen

Fabric, Aluminium, Acetal, Mechanical Motor System, Software, Computer
13 x 10 x 2 ft. 
Executed in 2015

Temporary Installation in Brooklyn, NY

The Thread Screen is a kinetic installation composed of 6,400 mechanical spools of thread that rotate through 36 colors to display images posted on Instagram from around the world. It stands over 13' tall and weighs over 2,000 pounds.

The artwork was commissioned by Forever 21. It symbolizes the convergence of Fashion, Technology, and Art, and puts creative control into the hands of their community. By adding the associated hashtag to an Instagram, the image would be sent to the screen and initiate a sequence made up of patterns, their username, and their image. The display was installed in Brooklyn, NY, and live-streamed twenty-four hours a day for seven days.

The Thread Screen is perhaps one of the most technically complex installations ever created. It was made from over 200,000 parts, all of which were designed from scratch by BREAKFAST, along with all the software to drive, process, and maintain the display.