Vanishing Forest

Flip-Discs, software, camera, computer
34 x 51.5 x 3.3 in
Executed in 2022

8 editions, III artist proofs

The Vanishing series explores how precious objects in our world can be fragile and short-lived based on our level of engagement and/or neglect. Temporary Forest explores the idea that only by taking action can we help prevent the devastation of global deforestation—with the black and white image representing the emptiness left by a lost forest, and the underlying green image representing a landscape saved.

The green image is revealed as one moves their hand/body in front of the piece, only to be swallowed again by the black and white image after a short time.

The artwork is made from electromagnetic Flip-Discs— a medium engineered by BREAKFAST.

Edition 1: SOLD
Edition 2: Available